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my birthday

i woke up as i have for the past week - coughing up a storm. With almost two weeks of 'the sickness'im about ready to get well, right?~! Actually i almost put off the whole celebration thing i had been planning up until now. I took a quickie phone call back to the states, checked on my parents. Then i was gonna call up my invitees and call of the whole thing. Hehe, i just realized that i couldn't do that, was too crazy. Besides, the cough wasnt that bad. I took the 9:53 train to Riga. On the way, I had a look at the materials i had just received for my new tutor job. Four books four units each. Beginner level. Had to decide which one to start with, which isn't easy when they all seem a bit too hard for someone just starting out in english. Well i got bored with that and before long i was in Riga. I got to the church and checked my email, but not before getting into a little, shall we say, 'picky'discussion with the, the, dammit i dont know the word in english -(dezuurante). anyways the lady on duty. Shes this pigmy sized grouch. this time she was rambling on about somthing how we youth were messing up the church with trash and stuff ( i think she was refering to the friday youth nights we have). It was pretty funny arguing with her actually. But i got tired of it and headed up to check my email. I got the materials for my seminar (30 dainas), and did some news-checking. Well it was about time to head to the opera box office. I got some cough tablets at saules aptieka (pharmacy) and headed to the box office. We were gonna see a ballet (Romeo and Juliet). Pretty soon the people started filing in and giving me hugs and presents. Fun stuff :). I got some pretty neat presents, like a little holder thingy for my cell phone that hangs on my neck. Its actually a miny army t-shirt. I got a mug, some aftershave, gell, and some other stuff. We bought our tickets (cheap: lvl 1:50) and raced to our seats, well they are actually standing seats. This was my first ballet, so i didnt know what to expect. it was good and bad. interesting and boring. its hard to put it straight. It was long, thats for sure. very stylish. And amazingly the cough tablets did work, i only coughed a little bit. Later we went over to the stockman complex (finnish mall) and went to the chili pizza restaurant, which is supposed to be a lithuanian joint. had some good chats and had to wait really long for the pizza, but it finnaly came. After that some people had to leave, but the rest of us went for the bus to mangalsala (the point where the daugava flows into the bay of riga). up at mangalsala we had been planning to walk all the way up to vecaaki, but it was really dark and super windy, so we jsut had a little walk by the mools (lighthouse?) back on the bus and here i am at church, and im gonna spend the night at church - its late. aint i a church mouse?
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