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my first entry!!!!!

yes, this will take time getting used to. hope it takes off (up until now, i have failed at all attempts to keep a diary :)
but i need to develop myself in all areas as gross would say;).

ok well, woke up 7:00 am - amazingly i didnt have to rush through my food and getting my backpack ready today - i must not been so sleepy. hehe although i still ran through the snow to the train station - i guess i just like running. yeah this time i had plenty of books and coldplay to keep me busy on the way to Riiga. Yeah this time it was 'an idiom book of new testament greek' fascinating. seems like im impatient with the amound of progress im having in greek - just wanting to speed the whole process up. anyways, i get to school and figure out, yes, i have missed some homework - funny how i always know i miss somthing but im not sure exactly what it is. NO prob, i just go to the little mini library we have and fix up some notes for my seminar on lexicography. yeah and it was kinda boring today - the teacher fairly droned on about semantics, and semas, etc. i got out and found my ping pong buddies -we played a few games. im getting better :). well i went back to the library figuring id have to do a little catch up work for the next seminar. its on early latvian literature. the subject matter wasnt so interesting, but the archaic language kept my interest.

anyways was glad to get out - took the long walk to baz 12a and set to work on my greek and hebrew. yeah my guitars a bit busted so i couldnt do anything on that. i did practice some praise songs on the piano though - i love the 'wow book'. later did some surfing on the net, and that ate up A LOT of time. dagnija wasnt in riga today so i just took the train home early. hehe and the conductor forgot to stamp my ticket - so im sitting there a little bit bewildered - and later sure enough they check tickets again - and i have to explain why there is no stamp on my ticket- well we clear it up and i explain everything, but it was a bit weird. on the way home i trip over the bridge cuz there was way too much snow hehe. bit i brush myself off and im fine =)

Dima ni voimo rokaando mad sallizos kiiels!!!!!MUHAHAHHA
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