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the airport

well..this is certainly the first time ive been online while at an airport. so far so good:). actually i havent written in a really long time so i think im gonna try to write a lot over this short break of mine. or is it really a break? well if i dont find a job then i guess i will have a whole lot of time for writing:). just so you know im in prague - on route to newyork and after that LA. it has been almost a year since i have been in the states- writing that makes it sound scary! its not that bad actually; you get used to life over here. i had to get up really early today - like 4:00 am. not surprisingly the day is already bright. the nights are really short here. the day of leaving came up so suddenly it really was almost a surprise - thats good - i havent been too homesick. i think its not good to live like you are waiting for somthing the whole time.
I took a look in littlegreenfootbals (a fairly conservative blog). there was this article on gitmo. really eye-opening. the care those thugs receive there is really amazing. i had no idea- but these guys supposedly take any oportunity they can to get back at the american guards. they kick scream, throw their food at them, embarass them, they dont hid their hate of america, the say when they get free they will go back to terrorism, its just amazing. there is somthing to this american exceptionalism - no country has people who so loathe their own homeland. it says somthing about america- perhaps not vindicating its actions -bet at least you can tell that there is somting different about america, i.e. american exceptionalism.
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