austrumniex (austrumniex) wrote,

-20 C and lovin it

brrrrr....brrrr. you californians just dont know the true meaning of COLD. dammit it was like minus 20 C today. hehe the streets of Riga looked sickly whitish-gray, and im not talkin about snow here. Must be some kinda frost. I ran to the sea today..I know, that was stupid of me. Hehe, I barely made it back. Now the sea looked like it was murdered. In one had stopped moving, and now started cracking into ice - kinda like a salt sea in the mojave desert -except the water is reflective of course. The snow and ice starts to pile up into miny mountain formations right at the edge of the beach, making for interesting rock climbing;).
Anyways, today i had another exam - this whole month has been finals time..and Im about ready to puke. Well hopepfully after this next one which is tommroow by the way...or today, since its past midnight. - ill be able to dig into that semester research paper ive been longing to work on:)
God is Good!!
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